Personal Branding and Photography Workshops, London

Who needs a Personal Brand? You do. How do you present yourself to the world and are people taking notice? Does your website and online persona really reflect YOUR unique personality and values, or something else? I have teamed up with Kim Rub to create an incredibly useful...

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Erotic Boots by Ainsley-T

Some time ago, whilst in the midst of designing an old issue of Skin Two Magazine, I realised that the photos I was laying out, were portraying something very special. Not just a gorgeous pair of handmade Italian red leather boots but a gorgeous pair of boots that...

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Miss Velour London Mistress

Miss Velour and our Heavy Rubber photoshoot on Westminster Bridge in London

My April 2016 trip to London meant copious amounts of client meetings, socialising (i.e alcoholising), family and friend catch-ups and, my current favourite activity: photoshoots. Not just kinky photoshoots either! I am moonlighting as a mainstream photographer and also did a fashion shoot and, an extremely straight, corporate portrait, in a business park. Funnily enough, out of three other fetish photoshoots, the corporate shoot was the instance where security asked us to move on.