Rachel May : Fetish Beginnings

Rachel May : Fetish Beginnings

fetish self portrait by Rachel May fetish webmistress

Fetish.com were curious about how I became the Fetish Webmistress, and invited me to an interview about my humble beginnings, running a business in the fetish and BDSM industry and my experience with the fetish scene, in general.

When did you get the idea to start a fetish web design business? How much has changed since when you first began developing your business?

I met a chap called Alan by chance, in London in early 2000, who needed someone to help him out with a website he was about to launch called WhatsYours.com. The concept was to present fetish and BDSM in a friendly, non-threatening way, to educate the mainstream, and to encourage people to talk about – what was back then – a very taboo topic. Alan also had a web design business that catered to the kink community. I learned a lot with him and met a lot of people who became clients (and friends). Word-of-mouth meant that my clients have always been in the adult industry though I have had a few mainstream clients. So, I never really had the idea to start a fetish web design business, it just kind of happened!

So much has changed: Technology, design style, attitudes towards sex and kink, perception of the sex industry, fetish fashion, the law, the way we communicate, the way we meet people and nurture relationships. My confidence as a photographer has also of course been affected by the introduction of digital photography. I’m much more comfortable with the fact that I can verify my shots on the spot rather than waiting for a roll of film to develop!

What is your mission? Why should people come to you for their creative needs?

I aim to provide a professional, bespoke service for each of my clients. So, even though I do offer packages on my website they are very much tailored with regards to my clients’ needs. I create websites that can be updated by anyone, not just me, so if my client wants to do this themselves I offer a training period where I walk them through the admin aspects of their website. I now have 18 years of experience creating websites for the erotic industry so I know a thing or two about what works on adult websites, in terms of user experience. I also provide basic to advanced SEO to attract traffic from the various search engines available and can advise on which websites are the best to advertise on etc.

Were you interested in BDSM/Fetish lifestyle before pursuing business ownership in the lifestyle?

I was 17 and my mind was totally corrupted when Madonna published her SEX book. The way I thought about and experienced sex was never the same again. When I moved to London and found the fetish scene by accident in 2000, I knew I had found my spiritual home.

What kind of clients do you attract? What can people expect when the sit down to discuss their ideas with you?

My clients are super-professional, motivated and keen to take charge of their personal brand. They understand that the cheapest option is not always the best option. They are non-conformists and think outside the box rather than submit to society’s conventions.

I admire each and everyone of them for their creativity and individuality and they can expect 100% interest and involvement in the development of their product from me, whether it’s a website design or a photo shoot. All clients are different, some want to be more hands on others just want to hand the whole project over and let me get on with it. Either way is fine for me.

Working within the Femdom community has been a wonderful experience. The concept of sisterhood is strong and I have found great support from women who are not only clients but those whom I consider good friends. I appreciate the confidence they have in me, especially for photo shoots and the end results are always mind blowing!

Are you involved in the local kink community (events, festivals, markets, munches)?

I am a sponsor of the annual FemDom Ball and over the last 18 years I have attended and had different levels of involvement in various events including Torture Garden, Rubber Cult, Club Rub, Club Blackwhip, Club Wicked and The F Club and the now legendary Skin Two Rubber Ball.

I designed (and appeared in) the last few issues of Skin Two magazine – if you are interested in the history of the fetish and BDSM scene, a good place to start would be issue 1 which is available as a digital download from Tim Woodward’s online store KFS Media.

I am also the web manager for the LAM – London Alternative Market – website. 

With thanks to Jacob Darkly and Fetish.com

BDSM and Fetish Dating with Fetish.com

BDSM and Fetish Dating with Fetish.com

Online dating for the BDSM community has a new home and it’s on prime real estate at Fetish.com. When the guys over there contacted me wanting to featuring me in an article called Our Top Erotic Art & Alternative Businesses in the UK  I was  flattered and also a little awestruck by their domain name; what they’ve built there makes perfect use of it though, as you will not only find a massive amount of information for fetishists and BDSM purveyors – newcomers and experts alike – but also an amazing resource for people hoping to find their kinky soulmate via an online dating channel.  (more…)

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London – June 2018

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London – June 2018

London is my most favourite place in the world and as we’re already at the halfway mark of 2018 it’s time, once again, for me to visit the capital of kink and creativity. I am currently available to shoot on June 17th, 18th and 19th. If you’d like more information read on or Contact Me for rates and booking details.

Photoshoots on location: Fetish clothing outdoors – somewhere scenic or in public is always a great hit, most of my clients possess a certain amount of exhibitionism and if you don’t, but still love the aesthetic of outdoors shoots, we can be discreet and I’m happy to wait for the perfect shot without comprising anyone’s ethics.

Otherwise, I travel with portable lights that I can set up anywhere; in your play space or the interior of your choice. Hotels are popular and I can recommend one or two other locations for hire.

I don’t just photograph professional dommes! I love all kinds of portraiture and photography – fetish and kink is my favourite so if you are a fetishist of any persuasion that would love to own beautiful photos of yourself – rubberists, sissies and cross dressers, burlesque performers, male doms, kinky couples –  I would love to hear from you too. We can shoot for your fetish dating profiles or create a bunch of content for your Instagram and Twitter updates or we can create a personal folio of imagery purely for your own pleasure.

I can also recommend Hair and Makeup by Miss Kim Rub as an extra special addition to the shoot. We have worked on a number of shoots together and she always adds sparkle and creativity to the day. You can read her blog post about us here

During my last trip I had the pleasure to shoot with Mistress Alexandra Wildfire and also Mistress Kiana – both entirely different styles and locations and both with stunning results as you can see in these mini-galleries.


Mistress Wildfire

Mistress Kiana

I’d love to photograph YOU

Contact me for a non obligation consultation

Erotic and straight up kinky gift ideas!

Erotic and straight up kinky gift ideas!

I have been meaning to write a post about kinky gift ideas for years, and since Christmas is fast approaching I thought I’d take the opportunity to suggest some quality erotic items produced by my very dear friends and clients – some are great ideas for last-minute purchases as they do not necessarily involve a physical product.

Erotic and Fetish Art

Michael Manning creates some of the kinkiest, bizarre erotic art on the planet! I myself am so proud to have provided Michael with some inspiration for his art with my Puss in Boots persona that I used to play around with when I was fetish clubbing regularly a few years ago. That is another post entirely but here are two of the illustrations: That’s me, the kitty cat 😉

pony play fetish illustration by Michael Manning

Puss in Boots by Michael Manning fetish artist

I can’t think of a more perfect gift than an original artwork and you can commission Michael to create one in your loved ones likeness. There are also many other soecial pieces for sale on his website. Michael’s cool-as-fuck Spider Garden and Tranceptor graphic novels and Inamorata are also available to purchase too. His website is: www.thespidergarden.net and for a virtual gift why not sign up your loved one for a monthly fix of fetish art on his Patreon

Instant Download Fetish and BDSM Porn!

Maria Beatty is a pioneer of the artistic erotic porn genre, check out The Black Glove and The Elegant Spanking and for something a little edgier Post Apocalyptic Cowgirls…. Gift Certificates are available and the recipient of your gift will get instant access to 25 years worth of Maria’s stunning films that she has produced, directed and edited herself. You will also be supporting independent film makers meaning she can continue to produce this content in an uncompromised manner maintaining her unique vision. More info on the Gift Certificates on Bleu Productions Online

BDSM B&B Getaway in London

London’s Hoxton Dungeon Suite, owned by the lovely Madame Caramel, is a kinky haven set in the grooviest part of east London. Go with your partner, mistress, lover and don’t just stay one night as it is just not enough to truly experience all this pervert’s paradise has to offer.

Erotic, Fetish and BDSM Bookstore

If you want to view a collection of some of the best kinky books, magazines and DVDs ever published, then KFS MEDIA is where you should go! Tim Woodward, founder of the famous Skin Two magazine personally curates and manages KFS Media himself. I highly recommend a look at the Troupe of Slaves book – if you like your BDSM with a healthy dose of humour this book is a real page-turner. Also highly recommended is the great femdom artist Sardax’s exquisite version of Venus in Furs

Femdom, Fetish and BDSM and VANILLA Photoshoots

Purchase a photoshoot with me, Miss May, for Mistress or your lover and I will send you a personalised gift certificate that you can send to their inbox on Christmas day, Valentine’s day, their b’day etc. However, I don’t only offer photoshoots for Mistresses – everyone is welcome to, and should experience at least one in their life, a professional photoshoot. I love photographing women and women with their loved ones, children and grandchildren. The photos are printed on beautiful fine art paper and are presented in a beautiful hand made leather or leatherette folio which becomes an heirloom for future generations to enjoy and treasure. If you would like to hear more about my mainstream portraits service, please do not hesitate to contact me and if you would like to see some of my photography of my prodomme clients you can visit this gallery

Blogging Ideas for the Femdom Community

Blogging Ideas for the Femdom Community

All websites across the www are, in general, seeking to grow and engage their online audience and the Femdom community is no exception. Blogging is a great tool for boosting the SEO of a website that Google may be dismissing as too sedentary and not only does it excite the ‘spiders’ but the new text within the post becomes part of your indexable content and, authoritative, keyword rich content, is how you will stand out from the rest.

Blogging is also a great way to engage and build a relationship between yourself and potential clients; sharing your knowledge and experience should help instil in them the confidence needed to reach out and contact you.

What to blog about is often a topic of conversation between me and my Femdom SEO clients, especially when writing is not their natural calling. My own business mentor has come up with a blogging method which I think is quite appropriately applied to the Femdom, Fetish and BDSM niche and so lets explore her concept further.

“Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, something BLUE”

What are some topics that would fall under this title:

  • A History of BDSM – so vast and varied!
  • Photos from your first Femdom photoshoot – show us a now and then, how have you evolved?
  • Your own history in the BDSM and Fetish scene, what brought you to the BDSM and Femdom world?
  • Who were the movers and shakers when you were introduced professional domination
  • How has ProDomming changed in the last 20 years.
  • How has the internet made a difference to the domination profession.


  • Recent Experiences of session stories
  • What’s new in your Playspace?
  • Recent photoshoots
  • Upcoming travels
  • Upcoming events
  • Testimonials (create a category for Testimonials only and link to them from your navigation -WP users only)

Feature someone or something else in your posts.
Talk about other people – who do you admire or who inspires you, what do you like about their work? Could be another ProDomme, or an actress, celebrities, designers, authors, musicians – not necessarily in a BDSM context but better if they are! It’s surprising how often BDSM makes an appearance in mainstream culture.

Or, perhaps a review of your favourite piece of equipment, with a little promo for the company who made it.

Something personal: erotic writing, poetry, art you’ve created. Talk about a dream or fantasy you wish to fulfil. Past regrets, future hopes.

More importantly, and I touched on this earlier, this is your chance to wax lyrical on all of your favourite types of play and interests, so if you have already posted a list of the types of scenes that you do indulge in, then you already have a very good list of blog posts! It’s a perfect opportunity to flex your muscle in your chosen speciality.


Set yourself a 12 – week challenge to write 1 new post per week. Rotate through the ideas above and of course add your own – express your ideas and opinions, throw in some self promotion and insight to who you are both as a professional and as a person. ALWAYS include photos and always remember to tweet your new post ( and don’t be scared to retweet yourself in case people have missed the tweet the first time around)

People doing it well already:
Heavy Rubber Dominatrix
Chastity Goddess
Mistress Evilyne
Miss Kendal
Angelica Andrews