In 2010 Jonny Trunk published Dressing for Pleasure The best of AtomAge 1972 -1980 >> I love Tim Woodward’s homage to John Sutcliffe and AtomAge

Anyway, Steven Klein who is continually using sexually evocative imagery in his fashion oriented photography, particularly for W magazine, has now paid a very serious tribute to AtomAge magazine. It’s not only a nod to Sutcliffe’s design but to the photographs, both Sutcliffe’s and those which were sent in by the suburban based readers/rubberists themselves. These amateur photos depict the incredibly individual fetish clothing, shoes and boots and accessories styled by the readers, in stark contrast with their banal suburban-life surroundings.

But apparently this style of non-professional home-based photography – now it’s all iPhone photography – is what really gets people’s pulses racing… If you’re on check out the Kinky And Popular section – quite often this is the type of photography that ranks at the top of its hottest pics algorithm. And I think this is on par with AtomAge, and that’s what makes it so charming.

Here’s the photography Super Linda