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For many men, the idea of always being in charge becomes boring. Some girls like to be told what to do, but for some men, the real kink comes from a role reversal. Instead of always telling your partner what to do, which can become boring, being put in your place by a female can be incredibly arousing. With that in mind, you might wonder how to find a dominant woman.

This could be a one-off meeting, a professional femdom relationship, or a new long-term relationship where you both are together, but she wears the pants. If you want to learn how to find a dominant partner, read on to help you understand what to look out for to find the right person for you.

1. Work out what you want

If you are looking to meet a long-term girlfriend who takes charge, you might need to look for a femdom personals site. If you want to meet someone for a regular or one-off domination experience, you should be looking for a dominatrix whom you can hire for the experience. Determine if you want a woman in your life who dominates you daily, or someone who you meet when the urge takes over. Your choice!

2. Find a safe place to look

The first thing that you need to do is to find some safe websites that offer the chance to see a dominant female partner. These femdom dating sites could be what you are looking for. These platforms are verified and vetted for safety and will only put you in touch with a dominant woman who takes the experience seriously.

3. Look around locally

Outside of the internet, it would be best if you also looked for potential hookup spots for people in the femdom community like Fetlife. You are going to need to put yourself out there a little. Look around for local BDSM meet-up points; you can find these on forums and social media aimed at BDSM communities. You might be shocked at where you are going to meet these people – it’s not all sex dungeons and underground clubs!

4. Accept rejection

Unfortunately, rejection is going to be part of your journey of how to find a dominant woman. Some women are not interested in being in charge, while others might not find you their cup of tea. They might prefer someone with a different look or set of personality traits. It is what it is, so just accept the fact that you might not be what they are looking for. You will find someone eventually.

5. Avoid being ‘domstruck’

One of the biggest killers for a potential dominant woman is meeting a guy who is ‘domstruck’ by them. They want you to let them be in charge, but fear is not an attractive component. You should be polite and normal with them; you have probably met a dominant woman in your workplace or social life without even knowing it. Avoid talking to every potential dominant partner like they are an alien; it will ruin the experience.

6. Know what you are looking for

Many people who want to know how to find a dominant woman arrive with little to no experience of what domination is actually about. If you arrive expecting them to fill you in on the A to Z, it will be a boring experience. Learn about what female dominance actually involves so that you know what to look out for and what a dominant woman wants from her male conquest. This reduces the risk of awkwardness or boredom on their part.

7. Read the profile carefully

If you encounter a dominant woman, make sure you fit her personality profile. You will be blown off, ignored, or insulted if you turn up and are nothing like what she is looking for. So, make sure that you will be someone she will likely find interesting – this stops a lot of the awareness and time-wasting on all sides.

8. Be authentically yourself

Part of the joy for a dominant woman is meeting a man who is not wearing a mask. Whatever you are as a person, be that – do not turn up and try to be someone you are not. You will have a much better chance of finding that dominating partner if you are yourself and do not try to act like what you think they want. This is not like writing a resume to discover a job; you are who you are, not what the resume asks for.

Stick to the above concepts; you should find it easier to encounter a dominant woman. It might be the woman in your work who you never expected or someone you see on a femdom website. Whatever your choice or preference, use the above tips to make the experience easier.

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