Leda and the Swan, part 2. Leda’s revenge.

Leda and the Swan, part 2. Leda’s revenge.

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In Sydney Australia, December 2012, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph _Charlie_ and candiflip, a couple that I’d met through the great website that is Fetlife.com.  Our worlds originally collided when Candiflip commented on one of my self-portraits. This led to further correspondence, a discovery of common interests, some real life parallels and finally, the exchange of ideas which evolved into the creation of this series of images based on the Leda and the Swan myth (wiki ref)

We travelled by ferry to Little Jibbon, a semi-nudist spot on the southern Sydney coast and there they decorated and dressed themselves in feathers and latex and latex hoods and eventually blood and bruises after Charlie went to work on Flip with sharp and stingy things – piercing, cutting, whipping. They exposed themselves to us and the world, literally, and in doing so allowed me to create some truly beautiful photos.

I might expand on all this later, but for now, I’ll just say that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture them at play, because I know it can be an intensely deep and personal thing (especially in front of people you don’t know!). And, here they are:

Dirty Show Detroit September 2012

Totally chuffed to have had artworks accepted to this internationally acclaimed erotic exhibition. My biggest thanks to Jan and Gaelle who both assist and influence me in the best ways possible and whom without neither of these works would exist. Here’s to more wicked collaborations and exhibitions in the future!

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Waist training corset project with Suzanziballetheels

Very excited to be involved with Suzanziballetheels aka the Saucy Ballerina aka Heely Golightly’s latest project – production and distribution/sales of custom made (made to measure under strict conditions) and affordable (proper) waist training (not off the rack factory made fashionista) corsets!

More about this soon but for now I leave this link from Suzanne’s blog which explains the differences between proper waist training corset and fashion corsets and also the term ‘tight lacing’ : http://suzanziballetheels.com/waist-training-tight-lacing-and-fashion-corsets/

Suzanne disclaims her words but I am happy to be guided by her; I can see clearly how passionate she is and how determined she is to get to the core of her interests happily speaking openly about her discoveries and opening discussion for all, welcoming any input. This benefits all.