Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

London is my most favourite place in the world and even though I am based in Paris, I try to visit London, the capital of kink and creativity, at leasts once every 3 months. If you’d like more information about my photo shoots for the fetish, BDSM and Femdom community in London read on or Contact Me for rates and booking details.

Photoshoots on location: Fetish clothing outdoors – somewhere scenic or in public is always a great hit, most of my clients possess a certain amount of exhibitionism and if you don’t, but still love the aesthetic of outdoors shoots, we can be discreet and I’m happy to wait for the perfect shot without comprising anyone’s ethics.

Otherwise, I travel with portable lights that I can set up anywhere; in your play space or the interior of your choice. Hotels are popular and I can recommend one or two other locations for hire.

I don’t just photograph professional dommes! I love all kinds of portraiture and photography – fetish and kink is my favourite so if you are a fetishist of any persuasion that would love to own beautiful photos of yourself – rubberists, sissies and cross dressers, burlesque performers, male doms, kinky couples –  I would love to hear from you too. We can shoot for your fetish dating profiles or create a bunch of content for your Instagram and Twitter updates or we can create a personal folio of imagery purely for your own pleasure.

I can also recommend Hair and Makeup by Miss Kim Rub as an extra special addition to the shoot. We have worked on a number of shoots together and she always adds sparkle and creativity to the day. You can read her blog post about us here

During my last trip I had the pleasure to shoot with Mistress Alexandra Wildfire and also Mistress Kiana – both entirely different styles and locations and both with stunning results as you can see in these mini-galleries.

Mistress Wildfire

Mistress Kiana

I’d love to photograph YOU

Contact me for a non obligation consultation

New website and photos for London’s Mistress Evilyne

New website and photos for London’s Mistress Evilyne

London is seething with professional Mistresses and I am lucky to be closely acquainted with some of those whom I consider the best. Mistress Evilyne is no exception; this lady is at the top of her game and it was an honour to have her bestow on me the revamp, and indeed entire overhaul of her online brand, accumulating in its launch several weeks ago.

When Mistress Evilyne came to Paris in August last year, in the hot hot heat of the late Summer sun, we not only managed a public latex shoot in front of the Fondation Louis Vuitton but also pulled off a very public display of her bull whipping skills in front of the pyramide du Louvre. See those photographs below with some of my favourites from our two days together.

I’ve been working with professional dominatrices on their websites for over 17 years and now that I am combining the design of the site with my photography, I really feel as though I have found my strength. So a big thank you to Mistress Evilyne for placing your trust in me and allowing me the freedom to create what I consider my best website yet. Visit her new website here > Mistress Evilyne : London Dominatrix

Dominatrix with Strap On

mistress in latex in public

photograph of mistress with strap on

London Mistress Evilyne

London Dominatrix Mistress Evilyne

Miss Velour and our Heavy Rubber photoshoot on Westminster Bridge in London

Miss Velour and our Heavy Rubber photoshoot on Westminster Bridge in London

My April 2016 trip to London meant copious amounts of client meetings, socialising (i.e alcoholising), family and friend catch-ups and, my current favourite activity: photoshoots. Not just kinky photoshoots either! I am moonlighting as a mainstream photographer and also did a fashion shoot and, an extremely straight, corporate portrait, in a business park. Funnily enough, out of three other fetish photoshoots, the corporate shoot was the instance where security asked us to move on.  (more…)

Lady Bellatrix

Lady Bellatrix

My latest and, perhaps even one of my greatest web designs of recent, is the new site for professional mistress and fetish model; the one and only: Lady Bellatrix


Bella had seen some of my other design work and had heard good things about me :). She said she wanted a site that she could update herself and that it also needed to be responsive design so that her potential clients could use the site easily on their mobile devices.

More about responsive design in a later post but for now I will say this, a website is always going to be more aesthetically pleasing on a big screen, however, if you want your site to be easily accessible or easy for people to read on their phone, then you are going to want it to be responsive.

It took a while, but I think we got it right! Bella has great taste and individual style; the colour scheme was hers and she already had a logo which helped set the design in motion. Her main image is a photo from a recent shoot with Erik Von Gutenburg.

Anyway, Bella came to Paris the day after we launched her site, so we had a heavy rubber celebration in the lovely hotel she was staying in, near Opera. I love a creative collaboration and we couldn’t resist an impromptu photoshoot for her own portfolio, and for one of my other sites: Here’s one of the pix, just to tease. You’ll have to follow her to see the rest. Visit her site now:

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Mistress Directory London

Mistress Directory London


This is a brand new project, a joint effort between your Fetish WebMistress and Madame Caramel. We hope to become one of the best and most useful Mistress Directories on the internet.

There are alot of directories online, it’s true. I’m not a professional dominatrix so I can’t really comment on the treatment some ladies feel has been unjust and exploitative. All I can hope is that the directory that I am involved in goes so far as to offer all that we promise, and more. You can see it here: 

BIG THANKS to my mate Red who designed the logo. If you are interested in brand design and development contact me for more info on this new service that we will be offering very soon.