Erotic Boots by Ainsley-T

Erotic Boots by Ainsley-T

Some time ago, whilst in the midst of designing an old issue of Skin Two Magazine, I realised that the photos I was laying out, were portraying something very special. Not just a gorgeous pair of handmade Italian red leather boots but a gorgeous pair of boots that had a butt plug as a heel.

Years later and I find myself in possession of a pair of very similar boots; Stuart Thom has sent me the famous Ainsley-T “Fuck Me Lick Me” plug boots and it’s only 30 degrees celsius outside so why not get dressed in as much latex as possible and work on a self-portrait?

The heat got the better of me, but not before capturing these few photos – enjoy!. Make sure to check out the full range of erotic fetish foot wear on the Ainsley-T website

butt plug boots ainsley-t

strapon photo

photo shoot for butt plug boots ainsley-t


Fetish Photographer de Paris!

Fetish Photographer de Paris!

An opportunity to indulge in a fun fetish photo shoot presented itself last July when la Maitresse formidable, Lady Bellatrix came to Paris. Bella sent me a photo of her gorgeous hotel suite, sumptuously decorated in deep red and gold in a style celebrating la Belle Époque. I knew instantly there was going to be some creative knocking of the heads. (more…)

Steven Klein does AtomAge (perfectly)

In 2010 Jonny Trunk published Dressing for Pleasure The best of AtomAge 1972 -1980 >> I love Tim Woodward’s homage to John Sutcliffe and AtomAge

Anyway, Steven Klein who is continually using sexually evocative imagery in his fashion oriented photography, particularly for W magazine, has now paid a very serious tribute to AtomAge magazine. It’s not only a nod to Sutcliffe’s design but to the photographs, both Sutcliffe’s and those which were sent in by the suburban based readers/rubberists themselves. These amateur photos depict the incredibly individual fetish clothing, shoes and boots and accessories styled by the readers, in stark contrast with their banal suburban-life surroundings.

But apparently this style of non-professional home-based photography – now it’s all iPhone photography – is what really gets people’s pulses racing… If you’re on check out the Kinky And Popular section – quite often this is the type of photography that ranks at the top of its hottest pics algorithm. And I think this is on par with AtomAge, and that’s what makes it so charming.

Here’s the photography Super Linda

Maid for Service? Rubber Maids in precarious situations

In this latest blog post,  I proudly present, Dirtydollbaby (aka moi), Cynth Icorn and Larvatus Prodeo’s most recent photo shoot. Inspired by old ye French maids, my Parisian apartment, the art of John Willie and Eric Stanton and of course by my cohorts Cynth and LP. After a quick brainstorm with Cynth via Skype before her visit to Paris the idea was brought to fruition with the help of LP’s tender eye for composition and his quick trigger finger. Whisked through Photoshop for a slight destaturation of colour the addition of a mild vignette and the removal of a few stray items that were missed on the floor and the mirror. Et voila, a unique modern concept with a tip of the hat to the past.