London Fetish Scene Websites

London Fetish Scene Websites

Two great projects that have kept me busy over the last 6 months are the new look websites for, the well-loved London fetish events; Club Subversion and London Alternative Market.

Club Subversion has been a favourite club for the London scene since it first opened its doors some 10 years ago. Mistress Absolute came to me asking for a fresh new design along with a system that she could easily updated herself. It seemed natural that the lovely Bobette‘s photography should be showcased and rightly so as having such great imagery to choose from made the design work so much easier for me. Thanks to both Mistress Absolute and Bobette for choosing to work with me. xx

London is lucky to have such a wide selection of alternative shops and club and London Alternative Market successfully manages to combine those two in the one place, once a month. Their website was in dire need of a re-haul not only to make it easier for the organisers to update themselves, but for site visitors to navigate their way around more easily, and also to showcase the monthly vendors who exhibit their wares. We added a directory, an event calendar and have started to work on the social media aspect too.