Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

London is my most favourite place in the world and even though I am based in Paris, I try to visit London, the capital of kink and creativity, at leasts once every 3 months. If you’d like more information about my photo shoots for the fetish, BDSM and Femdom community in London read on or Contact Me for rates and booking details.

Photoshoots on location: Fetish clothing outdoors – somewhere scenic or in public is always a great hit, most of my clients possess a certain amount of exhibitionism and if you don’t, but still love the aesthetic of outdoors shoots, we can be discreet and I’m happy to wait for the perfect shot without comprising anyone’s ethics.

Otherwise, I travel with portable lights that I can set up anywhere; in your play space or the interior of your choice. Hotels are popular and I can recommend one or two other locations for hire.

I don’t just photograph professional dommes! I love all kinds of portraiture and photography – fetish and kink is my favourite so if you are a fetishist of any persuasion that would love to own beautiful photos of yourself – rubberists, sissies and cross dressers, burlesque performers, male doms, kinky couples –  I would love to hear from you too. We can shoot for your fetish dating profiles or create a bunch of content for your Instagram and Twitter updates or we can create a personal folio of imagery purely for your own pleasure.

I can also recommend Hair and Makeup by Miss Kim Rub as an extra special addition to the shoot. We have worked on a number of shoots together and she always adds sparkle and creativity to the day. You can read her blog post about us here

During my last trip I had the pleasure to shoot with Mistress Alexandra Wildfire and also Mistress Kiana – both entirely different styles and locations and both with stunning results as you can see in these mini-galleries.

Mistress Wildfire

Mistress Kiana

I’d love to photograph YOU

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Steven Klein does AtomAge (perfectly)

In 2010 Jonny Trunk published Dressing for Pleasure The best of AtomAge 1972 -1980 >> I love Tim Woodward’s homage to John Sutcliffe and AtomAge

Anyway, Steven Klein who is continually using sexually evocative imagery in his fashion oriented photography, particularly for W magazine, has now paid a very serious tribute to AtomAge magazine. It’s not only a nod to Sutcliffe’s design but to the photographs, both Sutcliffe’s and those which were sent in by the suburban based readers/rubberists themselves. These amateur photos depict the incredibly individual fetish clothing, shoes and boots and accessories styled by the readers, in stark contrast with their banal suburban-life surroundings.

But apparently this style of non-professional home-based photography – now it’s all iPhone photography – is what really gets people’s pulses racing… If you’re on check out the Kinky And Popular section – quite often this is the type of photography that ranks at the top of its hottest pics algorithm. And I think this is on par with AtomAge, and that’s what makes it so charming.

Here’s the photography Super Linda