Photo Shootout at the Clock Tower Sth London

Photo Shootout at the Clock Tower Sth London

I’m excited to announce that I have booked this magnificent location for a photoshoot on the 27th and 28th May 2019. The Clock Tower is based in the heart of south east London in the Crystal Palace / Gipsy Hill area and can be reached within 20-25 minutes from London Bridge, Victoria and Clapham Junction. There is also off-street parking for 2 cars.

I have 3 spots left available to anyone who is interested in a shoot with me; I photograph all walks of life from sex workers to performance artists to kinky couples to… families, yes – please feel free to book in a old school studio portrait session where we will create beautiful, timeless portraits with your mums, kids, and why not your precious pets, too.

The cost of the shoot will be £300 and will last 60 minutes.

This includes:

  • A tour of the entire clock tower to find the corners that inspire you the most. This place is big enough for everyone’s photos to look completely different. That’s my promise to you!
  • 1 outfit change – we will shoot 2 outfits in total but please bring accessories to change up the look
  • 5 final retouched images plus 2-3 extra detail shots (see the gallery below). These are great for Twitter headers!

If you wish to book a double spot the cost will revert to my regular fee of £550 and your shooting time will be slightly extended to 2.5 hours and all the above doubled too.

27th May28th May
11.30am – booked11.30am – booked
1.00pm – booked1.00pm – booked
4.00pm4.00pm – booked

Miss Kim Rub is available for HMUA if needed at a charge of £100 for makeup and £150 for both hair and makeup. Please contact her directly to organise this. If you do book in HMUA please arrive 1.5 hours before your booked time slot.

Please arrive at least 30 minutes earlier, or if you have booked HMUA 90 minutes earlier.


  • Pay in full to secure your spot
  • Your payment is non-refundable
  • In the event of late arrivals, I will try to be as accommodating as possible however you agree that there is a possibility that your shoot time will be reduced.
  • Your digital files will be delivered within 2 weeks

If you would like to book please email me at and include your preferred time, your full business name and email to which I will then send you an invoice.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Some example of photos created using natural light on location similar in style and quality of what I believe we will achieve on the Clock Tower shootout :

More of my photography can be viewed here

Miss May : Fetish Beginnings

Miss May : Fetish Beginnings

fetish self portrait by Rachel May fetish webmistress were curious about how I became the Fetish Webmistress, and invited me to an interview about my humble beginnings, running a business in the fetish and BDSM industry and my experience with the fetish scene, in general.

When did you get the idea to start a fetish web design business? How much has changed since when you first began developing your business?

I met a chap called Alan by chance, in London in early 2000, who needed someone to help him out with a website he was about to launch called The concept was to present fetish and BDSM in a friendly, non-threatening way, to educate the mainstream, and to encourage people to talk about – what was back then – a very taboo topic. Alan also had a web design business that catered to the kink community. I learned a lot with him and met a lot of people who became clients (and friends). Word-of-mouth meant that my clients have always been in the adult industry though I have had a few mainstream clients. So, I never really had the idea to start a fetish web design business, it just kind of happened!

So much has changed: Technology, design style, attitudes towards sex and kink, perception of the sex industry, fetish fashion, the law, the way we communicate, the way we meet people and nurture relationships. My confidence as a photographer has also of course been affected by the introduction of digital photography. I’m much more comfortable with the fact that I can verify my shots on the spot rather than waiting for a roll of film to develop!

What is your mission? Why should people come to you for their creative needs?

I aim to provide a professional, bespoke service for each of my clients. So, even though I do offer packages on my website they are very much tailored with regards to my clients’ needs. I create websites that can be updated by anyone, not just me, so if my client wants to do this themselves I offer a training period where I walk them through the admin aspects of their website. I now have 18 years of experience creating websites for the erotic industry so I know a thing or two about what works on adult websites, in terms of user experience. I also provide basic to advanced SEO to attract traffic from the various search engines available and can advise on which websites are the best to advertise on etc.

Were you interested in BDSM/Fetish lifestyle before pursuing business ownership in the lifestyle?

I was 17 and my mind was totally corrupted when Madonna published her SEX book. The way I thought about and experienced sex was never the same again. When I moved to London and found the fetish scene by accident in 2000, I knew I had found my spiritual home.

What kind of clients do you attract? What can people expect when the sit down to discuss their ideas with you?

My clients are super-professional, motivated and keen to take charge of their personal brand. They understand that the cheapest option is not always the best option. They are non-conformists and think outside the box rather than submit to society’s conventions.

I admire each and everyone of them for their creativity and individuality and they can expect 100% interest and involvement in the development of their product from me, whether it’s a website design or a photo shoot. All clients are different, some want to be more hands on others just want to hand the whole project over and let me get on with it. Either way is fine for me.

Working within the Femdom community has been a wonderful experience. The concept of sisterhood is strong and I have found great support from women who are not only clients but those whom I consider good friends. I appreciate the confidence they have in me, especially for photo shoots and the end results are always mind blowing!

Are you involved in the local kink community (events, festivals, markets, munches)?

I am a sponsor of the annual FemDom Ball and over the last 18 years I have attended and had different levels of involvement in various events including Torture Garden, Rubber Cult, Club Rub, Club Blackwhip, Club Wicked and The F Club and the now legendary Skin Two Rubber Ball.

I designed (and appeared in) the last few issues of Skin Two magazine – if you are interested in the history of the fetish and BDSM scene, a good place to start would be issue 1 which is available as a digital download from Tim Woodward’s online store KFS Media.

I am also the web manager for the LAM – London Alternative Market – website. 

With thanks to Jacob Darkly and

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

Photo Shoots for Dommes and all kinksters in London

London is my most favourite place in the world and even though I am based in Paris, I try to visit London, the capital of kink and creativity, at leasts once every 3 months. If you’d like more information about my photo shoots for the fetish, BDSM and Femdom community in London read on or Contact Me for rates and booking details.

Photoshoots on location: Fetish clothing outdoors – somewhere scenic or in public is always a great hit, most of my clients possess a certain amount of exhibitionism and if you don’t, but still love the aesthetic of outdoors shoots, we can be discreet and I’m happy to wait for the perfect shot without comprising anyone’s ethics.

Otherwise, I travel with portable lights that I can set up anywhere; in your play space or the interior of your choice. Hotels are popular and I can recommend one or two other locations for hire.

I don’t just photograph professional dommes! I love all kinds of portraiture and photography – fetish and kink is my favourite so if you are a fetishist of any persuasion that would love to own beautiful photos of yourself – rubberists, sissies and cross dressers, burlesque performers, male doms, kinky couples –  I would love to hear from you too. We can shoot for your fetish dating profiles or create a bunch of content for your Instagram and Twitter updates or we can create a personal folio of imagery purely for your own pleasure.

I can also recommend Hair and Makeup by Miss Kim Rub as an extra special addition to the shoot. We have worked on a number of shoots together and she always adds sparkle and creativity to the day. You can read her blog post about us here

During my last trip I had the pleasure to shoot with Mistress Alexandra Wildfire and also Mistress Kiana – both entirely different styles and locations and both with stunning results as you can see in these mini-galleries.

Mistress Wildfire

Mistress Kiana

I’d love to photograph YOU

Contact me for a non obligation consultation

Miss Velour and our Heavy Rubber photoshoot on Westminster Bridge in London

Miss Velour and our Heavy Rubber photoshoot on Westminster Bridge in London

My April 2016 trip to London meant copious amounts of client meetings, socialising (i.e alcoholising), family and friend catch-ups and, my current favourite activity: photoshoots. Not just kinky photoshoots either! I am moonlighting as a mainstream photographer and also did a fashion shoot and, an extremely straight, corporate portrait, in a business park. Funnily enough, out of three other fetish photoshoots, the corporate shoot was the instance where security asked us to move on.  (more…)