New Dominatrix Website for Madame Li Ying

New Dominatrix Website for Madame Li Ying

When Madame Li Ying contacted me for SEO and web design help for her new dominatrix website, I was like “who me?” I was fan-girling, I admit it, because back in the day, when I first found the London fetish scene in 2000, Madame Li Ying was prolific, then known as Empress Victoria, and I thought she was SUPER cool.

Anyway, we met for coffee in London and I instantly felt a connection. This lady is NICE. Dommes, in my experience, are rarely bitchy and haughty like you might imagine them to be. The opposite, in fact, most of them are grounded, intelligent and creative women. I don’t think we even started talking about her dominatrix business until after we’d had a good chat about everything from living in London town through to distance healing. It’s always a good day when your client becomes a friend.

I love Madame Li Ying’s professional domination business ethos as it very much complements her personal philosophy. You will therefore be guaranteed an authentic experience if you should have the chance to become acquainted with her.

Pro Domme Photographs

For me, one of the most important elements when creating a new website, is to make sure your photographs are not only beautiful quality but are also cohesive and work together to tell a story. It might also work in your favour if they are brand new, never seen before and released exclusively for your new website launch! Madame Li Ying and I spent an afternoon shooting together at the fab Nth London dungeon Peacock Parlour. Here are some of my faves.

Presenting London Dominatrix, Madame Li Ying’s new website

dominatrix website design

Very happy to share the results of Madame Li Ying’s website, the colours and photography are visually delightful and her extensive writing on her favourite domination niches means you can be sure of what to expect when contacting her for a professional domination session. She also blogs extensively on her specialist area of Medical Domination.

Needless to say, if you are looking for someone to help you produce your Dominatrix Website – Let’s Chat! Contact Me

SEO tips for attracting clients you will love

SEO tips for attracting clients you will love

Miss Brown SEO tips for attracting clients you will love
Strictly Miss Brown wants YOU to pay attention to your SEO

Who is your ideal client?

Ask Yourself:

  • Who are your ideal clients? Consider demographic factors.
  • What are you both interested in? Where do your own interests align with your target clients? 
  • Professionally, what are your specialities, niches and the services you enjoy indulging in, above all others.

Get inside their head

  • What words would your ideal clients use  to search Google when they are looking for your specific services? Approach it from their perspective and employ their vocabulary. e.g an older gent might not search for a “hot young domme in latex” but may be a little more mature in their language. Don’t be shy to ask your clients where and how they find you.

Google and Key phrases

Considering the above exercise, create a list of related words. Narrow it down to your top 5. These are your focus key phrases. Go to Google and type them in along with your noun of choice e.g dominatrix, escort etc. Now define the results further by using your location or target destinations with the keywords too.

Whose websites* are showing up and how? Have a look at their websites and see how they are employing their key phrases, and where they are using them.

*Take note of which directories are being listed for a future SEO tips post

What about in the image results? You can add your key phrase / noun / location to your image’s alt-text to further optimise your results.

Your website

Is it immediately apparent to your website visitors (and Google) what you specialise in and what your favourite niches are i.e the sessions for which you would most like to be booked ? Do you emphasise the words or ‘keywords and phrases’ that you came up with throughout the page text and within your blog posts?

Is your location clear to both Google and your website visitors? Make your location obvious, you’ll be doing yourself and site visitors a huge favour.

It’s so important to write your website content in a way that makes it easy for Google to easily navigate and understand. By including the same key phrases that your potential clients are using to search for you, throughout your website, you become more findable.

When your website’s text matches what people are searching for, Google will rank your site higher because your content is the most relevant. 


Using the key phrases / noun / location you defined, change the following for each page of your website: Page title, meta descriptions and URLs or “permalink” . Each page should be unique. The key phrase should also appear a number of times throughout the body text of your pages and posts. 

What’s the Page Title?

The Page Title appears in blue. When I optimised Mistress Wildfire‘s homepage, I opted to focus on her chosen noun and location, plus her professional name to lay emphasis on her branding.

For Mistress Wildfire’s other services we used her focus key phrases on the specific pages devoted to those niches.

How to change your Page Title?

The answer to this depends on the content management system you are using, and the plugin you are using. Ask me in the comments below if you don’t how to do this yourself.

By the way! I highly recommend at least 500 – 800 words on every page of your website. But that is for another blog post….

Key phrases, Page Titles etc are the first steps, of many steps, that you can take in optimising your website so you receive more quality traffic from Google. 

One of my older posts that may be of interest: Blogging Ideas for the Femdom Community

Blogging Ideas for the Femdom Community

Blogging Ideas for the Femdom Community

All websites across the www are, in general, seeking to grow and engage their online audience. The Femdom community is no exception.

Blogging is a great strategy to boost your SEO especially if Google is dismissing your website as sedentary. Not only does it excite the ‘spiders’ but the new blog post will become part of your indexable content. Creating content with authoritative, keyword-rich text is how you will stand out from your competition and position yourself as an authority on your speciality niches.

Blogging is also a great way to engage and build a relationship between yourself and potential clients; sharing your knowledge and experience should help instil in them the confidence needed to reach out and contact you.

How to blog and what to blog about, is a common conversation between me and my Femdom SEO clients, especially when writing is not their natural calling. Here is a blogging method that can easily be applied to the Femdom, Fetish and BDSM niche. Let’s explore the concept further…

“Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, something BLUE”

What are some topics that would fall under this title:

  • A History of BDSM – so vast and varied!
  • Photos from your first Femdom photoshoot – show us a now and then, how have you evolved?
  • Your own history in the BDSM and Fetish scene, what brought you to the BDSM and Femdom world?
  • Who were the movers and shakers when you were introduced to professional domination
  • How has ProDomming changed in the last 20/30/40 years?
  • How has the internet made a difference in professional domination?
  • Remember when there was a busy fetish nightlife in London? Documenting those clubs and venues, the outfits you wore and the friends you made will serve as valuable insight for future generations.


  • Recent experiences of session stories
  • What’s new in your Playspace?
  • Recent photoshoots
  • Upcoming travels
  • Upcoming events
  • Testimonials.  Ask your clients to create reviews that you can share is possibly the easiest way to create original content. (you could dedicate a blog category for Testimonials only and link to them from your navigation – WordPress users only)


  • Feature someone or something else in your posts.
  • Talk about other people – who do you admire or who inspires you, what do you like about their work? Could be another ProDomme, or an actress, celebrities, designers, authors, musicians – not necessarily in a BDSM context but better if they are! It’s surprising how often BDSM makes an appearance in mainstream culture.
  • Or, perhaps a review of your favourite piece of equipment, with a little promo for the company who made it.


  • Something personal: erotic writing, poetry, art you’ve created.
  • A dream or fantasy you wish to fulfil.
  • Past regrets, future hopes.

More importantly, and I touched on this earlier, blog posts are your chance to wax lyrical on all of your favourite types of play and interests, so if you have already posted a list of the types of scenes that you do indulge in, then you already have a very good list of blog posts! It’s a perfect opportunity to flex your muscle in your chosen speciality.


Set yourself a 12 – week challenge to write 1 new post per week. Rotate through the ideas above and of course add your own – express your ideas and opinions, throw in some self-promotion and insight to who you are both as a professional and as a person. ALWAYS include photos and always remember to tweet your new post ( and don’t be scared to retweet yourself in case people have missed the tweet the first time around)

People doing it well already:

Lady Bellatrix

Miss Katherine Kendal

Mistress Evilyne