Maid for Service? Rubber Maids in precarious situations

In this latest blog post,  I proudly present, Dirtydollbaby (aka moi), Cynth Icorn and Larvatus Prodeo’s most recent photo shoot. Inspired by old ye French maids, my Parisian apartment, the art of John Willie and Eric Stanton and of course by my cohorts Cynth and LP. After a quick brainstorm with Cynth via Skype before her visit to Paris the idea was brought to fruition with the help of LP’s tender eye for composition and his quick trigger finger. Whisked through Photoshop for a slight destaturation of colour the addition of a mild vignette and the removal of a few stray items that were missed on the floor and the mirror. Et voila, a unique modern concept with a tip of the hat to the past.