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The launch of HeavyRubberDominatrix.com

After working together for a couple of months towards the launch of HeavyRubberDominatrix.com the International Glaminatrix; Lady Bellatrix herself, came to Paris to celebrate.

We had a series of intense latex-filled days with some wicked heavy rubber photo and film shoots including one with a very special guest – Mistress Eleise de Lacy. Can’t wait to see the results of that one :)

Despite some sizing issues we also grabbed a couple of shots of the amazing Stivalist boots with BSAtelier dildos, that AinsleyT had kindly sent for us to play with.

We also hit the streets of Paris – L’avenue des Champs-Élysées to be precise, and the results are one of my top 5 favourite shoots. Lady Bellatrix has the sass and pizazz to rival any ‘femmes chic françaises’.

So, if you like latex, heavy rubber, femdom, solo porn, girl-on-girl porn and much more that is very unsafe for work; you will probably love www.heavyrubberdominatrix.com and www.LadyBellatrix.com

A small gallery of photos from our weekend together:

Tart Cards and a very brief history of adult web design on the WWW

Some of my first regular sex industry clients came about after the Tart Cards were banned in London’s phone boxes in 2001. The escorts and pro-dommes who relied on these for their clientele were my first clients that really needed a strong internet presence along with SEO and the valuable traffic it brought them from the various search engines of the time – AltaVista and Ask Jeeves come to mind, Google did not even exist. So my SEO experience, in the adult industry, spans a good 15 years.

Tart Cards (a book was published in 2003) were, in my opinion, so badly designed that they were in fact actually kind of cool; an artistic genre in their own right. I kept a few for fun, not realising they might be worth something one day. When I uncover their hiding spot I will add them to this post.

It was very rare for the girls being advertised to actually appear on the card. So copyright was an issue, but how were the models ever going to find out!??! It wasn’t the internet, there was no Tin Eye, nor DRM or digital watermarks.

Anyway, once the ban took place my clients who progressed from Tart Cards to the internet were used to this kind of design, and really didn’t want to show their faces on their websites. I was always asked to blur faces AND add black bars over their eyes. It looked so bad! I suggested they disguise their faces somehow with masks or by holding up a fan, or with light and shadows… but they never really caught on.

They often wondered why they were not getting new clients through the door but things were progressing and new girls on the scene were becoming more and more liberated about their sex industry careers – less shame, more glamour – and their web design styles were becoming slick and shiny, no sleaze at all.

These days it just feels like pro-dommes, for the most part, are so much more cooler. Out and Proud; happy to share and celebrate their Femdom lifestyles, some personal details, and of course their ‘selfies’!!

Over the last year I’ve been getting back into my photography, I’ve had the pleasure to photograph some super intelligent, beautiful and classy ladies who were visiting Paris. Mistress Magnum is just one of those, and these are some photos of her where we worked to make sure her representation on the internet remains discreet but without resorting to ugly black bars!

Big Love to Jane, who owned a flat in Earl’s Court – I still appreciate your guidance and what we learned together about the WWW. I hope you are living well and I wish you health, happiness, love and prosperity.

Photo shoot with FemDom Goddess Anastaxia Draganova

Here’s a selection from the photo shoot I did with Goddess Anastaxia last June when she was in Paris. Hotness defined, I say! The Goddess is well known as one of the most beautiful female wrestlers on the planet! Yes! She will wrestle you into submission – be warned!

I had a great day with her and the lovely Mistress Magnum who was also visiting Paris from Montreal. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with like-minded ladies – there just don’t seem to be enough of those in Paris!

fetish photographer in Paris

Antebellum Gallery presents THE DOG & PONY SHOW

An erotic art exhibit featuring the work of ten artists – Michael Manning, Jon Macy, Dorian Katz, Midori, Brooke Kent, Rachel May, Rick Castro, Victor Lightworship, Shun Yamaguchi, and Idella Spann – exploring the theme of human pet play – specifically canine and equine – in a variety of mediums.

An opening reception will take place from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Saturday, August 1st. There will be a $5 cover charge at the door and no host bar. Costumes and fetish wear, especially of the dog and pony variety, are welcome but not mandatory.This is an adults only event. No minors will be admitted.

Originating from the late-19th century, the term “dog & pony show” refers to the small travelling circuses whose main act would consist of performing dogs and ponies. Primarily used in the pejorative sense when referring to an over-staged over-hyped event, the phrase also acknowledges the enduring power which animals hold over the popular imagination.

Human beings’ relationship with animals is long and complicated. In one hundred thousand years, we’ve gone from fearing and worshipping them to subjugating and domesticating them. They are our companions, our slaves, our art objects, and our food. Our modern day fascination with dogs and horses in particular transcends their practical value as hunters, defenders or means of transportation. We breed and train them, sublimating their sexuality to serve our aesthetic needs, fetishising those characteristics which we find most admirable in them – strength, speed, beauty, loyalty – and sometimes even seeking to embody and emulate those qualities.

If BDSM is a space in which people’s fantasies can be explored in depth, the dynamic between owner and human pet can be viewed as one of the most extreme expressions of a dominant/submissive relationship. A situation in which a rational being is reduced to a fetishised animalistic state – helpless in a sense, but also protected and free to operate on a totally physical level without any inhibitions – can be a powerful and inspiring one.

The work of the artists of the Dog & Pony Show celebrates that ultimate servitude and provides a brief glimpse into a fetishistic world still populated by centaurs, satyrs, fox spirits, the Egyptian pantheon of animal-headed deities, and other mythological beings who blur the line between human and beast and continue to inspire our imagination and sensual longings.

Facebook event link: THE DOG & PONY SHOW

Mistress Absolute’s The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Domination

The Absolute Beginner's Guide to DominationWork in the months of April and May have so far mostly been busy with projects for my fellow Taurean lady clients – happy days, as I really love the Taurean no-nonsense yet open-minded work ethic.

I’d already designed Mistress Absolute‘s logo for “The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to…” website some time ago and was delighted to be asked to work on the design for the first book in the series focusing on domination. It was not a difficult task – Satine Phoenix’s awesome illustrations quickly helped me create a colourful and stylish book design. I’m very happy with the cover, I love the colour scheme and the fonts, logo and illustration all work together in harmony.

Mistress Absolute had planned to self-publish through Amazon’s print-on-demand service and also needed a digital version to release through Kindle. This was the first time I had worked to Amazon’s specifications and my very first e-book design too, so I can now add that to my ever expanding repertoire.

I’m looking forward to working with Mistress Absolute on her upcoming titles – you can find out more about those and The Absolute Beginner’s guide to Domination here www.absolutebeginnersguide.co.uk

Website design for Madame Caramel’s Femdom Ball

As always, it is a great pleasure to work with the lovely Madame Caramel. This project was to develop the brand and website for the upcoming celebration of fetish, BDSM and female domination; the first ever FemDom Ball which will take place in London, June 2015.

Feminine, stylish and PINK were the only requests Madame Caramel made for the website design and after a bit of playing around, I created a slightly grungy style background and used a stylised font full of flourish called ‘PolySpring’ for the logo. The site is mobile responsive, meaning it will collapse into a smaller version when viewed on a tablet or other smart device.  Though it really does look its best on a larger screen.

Flyers for print and web banners were also included.

Follow the logo to visit the site >

Femdom Ball

Belle et la Bête illustrated by Nicole Claveloux

The first time I stumbled across Nicole Claveloux’s work was at a kid’s book illustrator’s exhibition! I was very drawn to her style, there was something mysterious about the detail in the settings, suggesting an underlying darkness, I could not quite put my finger on it. Sure enough, upon further investigation, I discovered that she had illustrated an erotic version of French novelist Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont’s Belle et la Bête. Yay!

These are just a few that I found after much searching through The Google. They really are deliciously depraved.

I find it interesting that the French don’t seem to give a toss that a children’s book illustrator has also created some of the most delightfully perverted art bordering on taboo. I have a feeling some other countries might not be so accepting.

Visit the Official site of Nicole Claveloux

Fetish Photographer de Paris!

An opportunity to indulge in a fun fetish photo shoot presented itself last July when la Maitresse formidable, Lady Bellatrix came to Paris. Bella sent me a photo of her gorgeous hotel suite, sumptuously decorated in deep red and gold in a style celebrating la Belle Époque. I knew instantly there was going to be some creative knocking of the heads.

Together we took advantage of this dreamy Parisian setting and in our elegantly perverse styles, we corrupted the core traditional aspect, by contrasting it with our favourite deep, dark, shiny, black latex… Yes, as you can see, Lady Bellatrix is attired head-to-toe in the pinnacle of all fetishists’ desires;  the black latex catsuit paired with thigh-high ballet heeled boots. Bella’s long sharp red nails and bright red lips played a perfect complement to the velvety surroundings.

I love a creative hit, it gives me a boost in the brain chemistry region so, if you have a theme you would like to shoot I am open to collaborations. I am also available to hire as a photographer and if you like my style please do get in touch. My contact form

Anyway, enough of the blah blah, enjoy the photos.



The object of having a style, as opposed to merely being stylish, is not to be different from other people but to be more like yourself than nature has made you. A really good portrait is more like you than your own face. ~ Quentin Crisp

Fetish Social Networks and Dating Sites

Fetlife Friends

There’s a multitude of fetish and BDSM Social Networks and dating sites but do they really work? Well it depends on the way you want them to work for you, I guess. I’m on several; Facebook (not originally intended for us perverts!), Fetlife (aka dirtydollbaby) and a number of others that are more visual based like Instagram and DeviantArt.

I’m not on them to meet the love of my life, or even a play partner. My dance card is already full. But I have met nice people on there, particularly Fetlife, and those people have since become real-life friends – some of the best friends I have, in fact.

I have, however, witnessed quite a few romantic success stories through the use of these networks and dating sites; friends who have met their lovers, play partners and even spouses. Oh, and one serious D/s relationship that I believe is still going strong.

The age of online communication is very real, from Skype dates to Snapchat, people are hooking up with potential partners from all over the world. Social Networks are bridging the gap and there is a Social Network for everyone, whatever you may be into whether it’s the spicy kinky type you are looking for or, the ‘vanilla’ variety.

I’d recommend all of the above, by the way and here are a few others that I am yet to check out: Kinkaholic – a blend of BDSM and alternative swingers’ community and another; XXX Sex Guides – a dating site with worldwide listings for kinksters.

If you are thinking about starting a profile on a Social Network or dating site, my best advice is to be as open and honest as you possibly can, and don’t be creepy or unnecessarily pushy. Add some genuine writing in your About Me section and upload some real photos of yourself (wear a mask if you want to keep your face concealed for privacy reasons). Interact! Comment on some other photos that you like, and participate in the group discussions. Most of all, enjoy and don’t take it all too seriously!

Rachel May

P.S That is a photo of me with some of my Fetlife friends :)

Lady Bellatrix

My latest and, perhaps even one of my greatest web designs of recent, is the new site for professional mistress and fetish model; the one and only: Lady Bellatrix


Bella had seen some of my other design work and had heard good things about me :). She said she wanted a site that she could update herself and that it also needed to be responsive design so that her potential clients could use the site easily on their mobile devices.

More about responsive design in a later post but for now I will say this, a website is always going to be more aesthetically pleasing on a big screen, however, if you want your site to be easily accessible or easy for people to read on their phone, then you are going to want it to be responsive.

It took a while, but I think we got it right! Bella has great taste and individual style; the colour scheme was hers and she already had a logo which helped set the design in motion. Her main image is a photo from a recent shoot with Erik Von Gutenburg.

Anyway, Bella came to Paris the day after we launched her site, so we had a heavy rubber celebration in the lovely hotel she was staying in, near Opera. I love a creative collaboration and we couldn’t resist an impromptu photoshoot for her own portfolio, and for one of my other sites: Hood-Lovers.com Here’s one of the pix, just to tease. You’ll have to follow her to see the rest. Visit her site now: www.LadyBellatrix.com

Maternity Leave :)


My working hours are currently very reduced due to ^^ the above :) . I still welcome all enquiries, however, my response may not be as instant as usual.  I will return to full-time work in September.  Many thanks for your understanding and, to my current clients – who are very dear to me – thank you for your patience!

Rachel May

London Fetish Scene Websites

Two great projects that have kept me busy over the last 6 months are the new look websites for, the well-loved London fetish events; Club Subversion and London Alternative Market.

Club Subversion has been a favourite club for the London scene since it first opened its doors some 10 years ago. Mistress Absolute came to me asking for a fresh new design along with a system that she could easily updated herself. It seemed natural that the lovely Bobette‘s photography should be showcased and rightly so as having such great imagery to choose from made the design work so much easier for me. Thanks to both Mistress Absolute and Bobette for choosing to work with me. xx

London is lucky to have such a wide selection of alternative shops and club and London Alternative Market successfully manages to combine those two in the one place, once a month. Their website was in dire need of a re-haul not only to make it easier for the organisers to update themselves, but for site visitors to navigate their way around more easily, and also to showcase the monthly vendors who exhibit their wares. We added a directory, an event calendar and have started to work on the social media aspect too.



Leda and the Swan, part 2. Leda’s revenge.

Prelude: These images are subject to copyright and you do not have permission to use them ANYWHERE without written approval. I have a contact form and you are welcome to send me a message with regards anything on this website.

In Sydney Australia, December 2012, I had the opportunity to meet and photograph _Charlie_ and candiflip, a couple that I’d met through the great website that is Fetlife.com.  Our world’s originally collided when Candiflip commented on one of my self-portraits (one of me with a strap-on, funnily :p ). Which led to further correspondence, a discovery of common interests, some real life parallels and finally, the exchange of ideas which evolved into the creation of this series of images based on the Leda and the Swan myth (wiki ref)

We travelled by ferry to Little Jibbon, a semi-nudist spot on the southern Sydney coast and there they decorated and dressed themselves in feathers and latex and latex hoods and eventually blood and bruises after Charlie went to work on Flip with sharp and stingy things – piercing, cutting, whipping. They exposed themselves to us and the world, literally, and in doing so allowed me to create some truly beautiful photos.

I might expand on all this later, but for now, I’ll just say that I am grateful to have had the opportunity to capture them at play, because I know it can be an intensely deep and personal thing (especially in front of people you don’t know!). And, here they are:

Mistress Directory London


This is a brand new project, a joint effort between your Fetish WebMistress and Madame Caramel. We hope to become one of the best and most useful Mistress Directories on the internet.

There are alot of directories online, it’s true. I’m not a professional dominatrix so I can’t really comment on the treatment some ladies feel has been unjust and exploitative. All I can hope is that the directory that I am involved in goes so far as to offer all that we promise, and more. You can see it here: MistressDirectoryLondon.com 

BIG THANKS to my mate Red who designed the logo. If you are interested in brand design and development contact me for more info on this new service that we will be offering very soon.

Paris Photo 2012

Have realised that I am addicted to art. I need a hit quite regularly, of really good, intense, well executed art and preferably of an erotic nature, and if I don’t get, it leads to a kind of despair. Happily, Paris Photo this year at the Grand Palais, was an art addict’s paradise and I walked through the exhibition feeling quite dizzy, floating a little above cloud 9, and still felt the affect some days after. My companion Oscar David only added to this, with his consistently challenging commentary, and equally passionate attitude for the photography on display. We discovered a number of our favourite artists and some of those included: Giles Berquet‘s stylistic representations of women and their heavy, steady streams of piss, frozen in time with the use of the traditional gelatin silver process, which is gaining even more value as an artistic genre in the age of digital media.

Nobuyoshi Araki, of course was there, and represented by a large mural work, seemingly destroyed with random brightly coloured paint splashes, shapes and smudges – not ruining though, but adding textural and motional elements and creating the impression of a layered vivid stained glass window which one must peer through, to witness the typical Arakian themes of bound women.

(Section of) Kinbaku Shamaki, Japan 2006 © Araki

I discovered the work of the Viennese Actionists, from the mid 60s – 70s, which is a movement considered amongst the neo-avant gardists. Rudolf Schwarzkogler was a performance artist, staging scenes and events – actions – that were captured on film, and which were then printed/collaged/destroyed/reworked and exhibited. The final product as important as the process and sequence of events recorded. Indeed his art is both conceptual photography as well as performance art and has been considered an important cross-over point in which photography gained much credit as an art form also.  I’m less interested in what he was depicting in his actions rather more fascinated by the process and result. I will definitely be reading in depth the lovely catalogue they gave us.




American contemporary and fashion photographer. Newton, Ritts.

Some other blogs about Paris Photo 2012


Cindy Sherman at Gagosian


My first experiments in photography were self portraiture; it simply seemed a natural place to start and it was something my art teacher encouraged for my final year art project. I never delved too deeply into my own psyche to figure out why I wanted to feature in my own photos.   At that point, It was all about learning how to use an (analog) camera; to shoot in black and white film, and develop the film and print in the darkroom. I am so glad I had the opportunity to explore manual photography, the darkroom really suited me and I miss it. Photography was something I could just do, no struggle to learn, no pressure, and I never questioned where I was going with it. My overly analytical nature only developed later… [Read more…]

Dirty Show Detroit September 2012

Totally chuffed to have had artworks accepted to this internationally acclaimed erotic exhibition. My biggest thanks to Jan and Gaelle who both assist and influence me in the best ways possible and whom without neither of these works would exist. Here’s to more wicked collaborations and exhibitions in the future!

Steven Klein does AtomAge (perfectly)

In 2010 Jonny Trunk published Dressing for Pleasure The best of AtomAge 1972 -1980 >> I love Tim Woodward’s homage to John Sutcliffe and AtomAge on Skin Two 

Anyway, Steven Klein who is continually using sexually evocative imagery in his fashion oriented photography, particularly for W magazine, has now paid a very serious tribute to AtomAge magazine. It’s not only a nod to Sutcliffe’s design but to the photographs, both Sutcliffe’s and that which was sent in by the suburban based readers/rubberists themselves. The incredibly individual fetish clothing, shoes and boots and accessories styled by the readers themselves, all beautifully contrasting with their somewhat banal suburban-life surroundings, captured in photography very amateur in style.

But apparently this style of non-professional home-based photography – now it’s all iPhone photography – is what really gets people’s pulses racing… If you’re on Fetlife.com check out the Kinky And Popular section – quite often this is the type of photography that ranks at the top of its hottest pics algorithm. And I think this is on par with AtomAge, and that’s what makes it so charming.

Here’s the photography Super Linda

Brand identity for KFS Media

A new online store for fetish and BDSM magazines, books and e-books, brought to you by the doyen of BDSM, Tim Woodward himself :).

Logo development, website design and a double page advert to kick off the campaign – see below. Yes, that’s me relaxing in my extreme high heeled ballet boots whilst reading the latest issue of Skin Two Magazine -available online from KFS MEDIA!


What’s the point of making art if no one is going to see it?

I’m struggling with the concept.

Dear Friends and Family, if you are reading this (doubtful), I have a confession: I make erotic art. But you will probably never see it. Nor will probably alot of people. So why do it? I recently did the Enneargram test and turns out I am type THREE. The Achiever aka The Performer and my personal strapline to go with that is “I need to succeed” What this means to me, is that my accomplishments need to be recognised. Seriously, recognition is important to me (but only in select areas). I guess the art is so intensely personal that it means alot more than I wish it did. I am not claiming to be great nor do I think in the grand scheme of things am I important, but I really really really feel good when I have my achievements recognised by the people whose opinion counts, to me.  [Read more…]

Madame Caramel – one of London’s finest Mistresses

What a great pleasure to work with this charming and charismatic woman. Having the freedom to work in my own way, with her complete confidence, I have designed perhaps one of my best sites yet. Madame Caramel, with already a well established web presence and plenty of great content, plus loads of her own individual style and creativity, all contributed to what was a most enjoyable and relatively easy project. Thank you Madame Caramel x

Waist training corset project with Suzanziballetheels

Very excited to be involved with Suzanziballetheels aka the Saucy Ballerina aka Heely Golightly’s latest project – production and distribution/sales of custom made (made to measure under strict conditions) and affordable (proper) waist training (not off the rack factory made fashionista) corsets! More about this soon but for now I leave this link from Suzanne’s blog which explains the differences between proper waist training corset and fashion corsets and also the term ‘tight lacing’ : http://suzanziballetheels.com/waist-training-tight-lacing-and-fashion-corsets/ Suzanne disclaims her words but I am happy to be guided by her; I can see clearly how passionate she is and how determined she is to get to the core of her interests happily speaking openly about her discoveries and opening discussion for all, welcoming any input. This benefits all.

Maid for Service? Rubber Maids in precarious situations

In this latest blog post,  I proudly present, Dirtydollbaby (aka moi), Cynth Icorn and Larvatus Prodeo’s most recent photo shoot. Inspired by old ye French maids, my Parisian apartment, the art of John Willie and Eric Stanton and of course by my consorts Cynth and LP. After a quick brainstorm with Cynth via Skype before her visit to Paris the idea was brought to fruition with the help of LP’s tender eye for composition and his quick trigger finger. Whisked through Photoshop for a slight destaturation of colour the addition of a mild vignette and the removal of a few stray items that were missed on the floor and the mirror. Et voila, a unique modern concept with a tip of the hat to the past.

Fetish websites for pervy girlies

I recently worked with two of my best girlfriends – both truly perverted inside and out – on their own personal sites:
Miss Cynth Icorn destined for fetish fame, now the world can keep up with her art, outfits and performances on PurelyPerverted.com

and Fetish Miss S who lives the life 24/7 with her Master Docteur AR. Documenting her body modifications, her latex designs and the photos they make together whilst at play – really something else.

Recent websites by Fetish Webmistress

Three brand new websites that are all but finished:

DommeTrips.com – I’ve known and worked with Mistress Absolute from the start of my fetish career so I was very happy to be asked to design this website for her newest venture – exclusive holidays targeted to dominant women and their slaves, subs, playthings etc.

RubberBastard.com – a good excuse to create something new for my portfolio. Luke of Soul Focus Studio in Sydney, Australia wanted a website to promote his own Rubber Bastard events and to also promote the people and other like minded events in the Australian rubber community.

RichmondBDSM.org – perhaps the most basic website I have created ever! It is what it says on the label – a small site to encourage the people of Richmond area in Greater London to get off their computers and to meet up in person.