Graphic DESIGN

A folio of some of my past work

I’ve designed all sorts of things: full page adverts, product catalogues, event programmes, business cards, flyers and e-flyers, event tickets and magazines.

Flyers and Adverts

Skin Two Magazine and Latextra

Various brand development projects and magazine design for famous fetish and BDSM magazine Skin Two. (click on anything for a closer look)

Skin Two Rubber Ball 2009

A very satisfying project: I developed the event theme, sourced the imagery from Thredony in Velvet,  and designed the event programme and website. This was printed on A4 folded to A5 Рthe first image displays the back/front Рsecond displays the middle spread.

Beautiful and Damned

Photography and design for Beautiful and Damned – a London based leather design company who produced and pioneered many of the colour and fluffy restraints and strap on harness that many people now imitate!