I’m struggling with the concept.

Dear Friends and Family, if you are reading this (doubtful), I have a confession: I make erotic art. But you will probably never see it. Nor will probably alot of people. So why do it? I recently did the Enneargram test and turns out I am type THREE. The Achiever aka The Performer and my personal strapline to go with that is “I need to succeed” What this means to me, is that my accomplishments need to be recognised. Seriously, recognition is important to me (but only in select areas). I guess the art is so intensely personal that it means alot more than I wish it did. I am not claiming to be great nor do I think in the grand scheme of things am I important, but I really really really feel good when I have my achievements recognised by the people whose opinion counts, to me.

I believe, that to become a truly important artist that leaves a mark in art history one must firstly commit to that as a main goal in life. It is a full time job and career – and then there is the promotion aspect. And all the really special artists have some kind of genius.

So. Why make art at all if it is going to be stored away, for the eyes of only a handful of people. And further still, why worry about that at all?

I know when something is good, I’ve been working with imagery for too long not to be able to recognise when a photograph or a drawing is good or not, so why care if someone else ‘approves’?

And there is so much to consider: People’s tastes vary, there is always going to be a common theme that the majority of people are going to be drawn towards. Stick within that genre and you’re guaranteed success?

Does sex always sell?

Would the same image be received differently with the inclusion of a famous personality/model or even just a really hot chick?

Where and how does one find recognition?

How very little facilities there are for erotic artists.